Lou Holtz Endorsement Image

“I’m so excited that someone of Vennia Francois’s caliber is running for Congress. There’s no doubt in my mind that she believes in the power of the American Dream and is committed to governing by the constitutional principles that made this nation great. I’m strongly behind her candidacy and I’m proud to endorse her.”

Lou Holtz

Legendary Coach and Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient

Senator Marco Rubio Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois is a first-generation American who understands the promise of freedom and opportunity in this country, and she will fight to preserve it for future generations. Her experience and career in public service has prepared her well to be an advocate for her constituents and the small businesses that will need her leadership and support as we begin to re-ignite our economy.”

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Rick Scott Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois is the right choice for Florida’s 10th District in Congress. Vennia knows that jobs and opportunity are best created by individuals who are free to work hard, save, and start businesses without the burden of government mandates or excessive taxes and regulations. Vennia is ready to work with me in Congress to help Florida families and job creators succeed.”

Senator Rick Scott

Carole Jean Jordan Endorsement Image

“Maggie’s List is thrilled to endorse Vennia Francois for Florida’s 10th district. Vennia knows first-hand the issues that directly impact the district she is running for in the Sunshine State. As a congresswoman, Vennia will uphold the Maggie’s List values of fiscal conservatism, strong national security, more personal responsibility and less government while ensuring the 10th district voices are heard.”

Carole Jean Jordan

Maggie's List Florida State Chair

Dr. Miriam J. Ramírez de Ferrer Endorsement Image

“I have known Vennia for a long time. She is a strong, charismatic leader, who will ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Vennia values the contributions of all cultures and ethnicities and will fight to safeguard the rights of every citizen.

As a former Senator from Puerto Rico, I have consulted Vennia on many issues that affect the community, and I continue to work with her on a regular basis. She has always stepped up to help, beyond my expectations!

I am honored to give her my full endorsement. I am looking forward to calling her my Congresswoman!”

Dr. Miriam J. Ramírez de Ferrer

Former Senator for Puerto Rico

FRC Action Endorsement Image

“This is a critical hour for our country, and Americans are looking for bold leaders who are willing to stand strong for faith, family, and freedom. Your credentials as a first generation American and self-made success story, someone driven by the notion of equality of opportunity for all Americans, are those that will benefit your Florida constituents…We are therefore pleased to offer our endorsement of your candidacy for election to the U.S. House in Florida’s 10th Congressional District”

FRC Action PAC Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. Boykin.

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Steve Moore Endorsement Image

“It has never been more important to elect Vennia Francois to Congress than it is right now. As our nation works to recover from the pandemic-induced shutdown, Vennia’s commitment to pro-growth policies will help revitalize our economy, putting people back to work and helping businesses keep their doors open. I fully endorse her because Vennia’s commonsense leadership will help keep the promise of the American Dream alive.”

Steve Moore

Former Economic Advisor to President Trump; Founder and former President, Club for Growth; Former Member, Wall Street Editorial Board

The Honorable Marilyn Musgrave Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois’ principled pro-life voice is needed in Washington now more than ever. She stands in stark contrast to her opponent Val Demings, who sides with Pelosi Democrats and the radical abortion lobby to oppose the most modest pro-life bills – even legislation to stop late-term abortions more than halfway through pregnancy and protect babies born alive during failed abortions. Vennia is unafraid to speak out about the damage abortion inflicts on families and communities and won’t hesitate to stand up for Floridians’ pro-life values in our nation’s capital.”

The Honorable Marilyn Musgrave

Vice President of Government Affairs, Susan B. Anthony List

Bishop E.W. Jackson Endorsement Image

“Vennia is a woman of values, courage, and integrity. She is the person needed to represent the 10th District of Florida.”

Bishop E.W. Jackson

Founder, S.T.A.N.D. - Staying True to America’s National Destiny

Congressman John Mica Endorsement Image

“I’ve been honored to work alongside of Vennia. I can tell you she has the energy, ability, and love of our country to be an outstanding representative of and for every American.”

Congressman John Mica

Florida's 7th Congressional District, 1993 to 2017

Florida Family Action Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois is smart, principled, and conservative. She is uniquely positioned to represent our values in Washington, D.C., and we are proud to offer her our endorsement.”

John Stemberger

President, Florida Family Action

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Florida Right to Life Endorsement Image

The Florida Right to Life Political Action Committee is a single-issue committee affiliated with Florida Right to Life, Inc. After careful review of candidates’ voting records and questionnaire responses, the PAC issues the following endorsements for the Florida general election

Florida Right to Life

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Ambassador J. Kenneth Blackwell Endorsement Image

“Vennia is a champion for life, for school choice, and for jobs. She will help us build an opportunity society.”

Ambassador J. Kenneth Blackwell

Advisor, Black Voices for Trump; Senior fellow, human rights and constitutional governance, Family Research Council; Visiting fellow, American Civil Rights Union; Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission

Retired Sheriff Kevin Beary Endorsement Image

“Vennia believes in law and order and wants to ensure every individual receives fair and impartial treatment from our criminal justice system. She supports our law enforcement officers and will advocate for the resources they need.

As a member of the advisory council board to United Abolitionist, Vennia also understands the horrors of human trafficking. She will fight to end human trafficking and protect the victims.

I am pleased to offer her my endorsement.”

Retired Sheriff Kevin Beary

President of the Major County Sherriff’s Association, President of the Central Florida Criminal Justice Association, and President of the Florida SWAT Association

Reverend William Owens Endorsement Image

“The Coalition of African American Pastors stands with Vennia 100%.”

Reverend William Owens

Founder and President, Coalition of African American Pastors

Congressman Daniel Webster Endorsement Image

“The citizens of Central Florida deserve common-sense reforms and principled policy. I know these voters well and they deserve a team of hardworking and dedicated representatives working on their behalf. Vennia Francois is an excellent choice to be the next representative for the district. She will hold strong to her principles – faith, family, and freedom – and will ensure more people are able to realize the promises of our great nation. I am pleased to offer her my endorsement and look forward to welcoming her to the U.S. House.”

Congressman Daniel Webster

Florida’s 11th Congressional District

Congressman Dave Weldon Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois has what it takes to successfully represent District 10, and I’m proud to endorse her. Her heart to serve her community and her commitment to our Constitution combined with her ability to partner with others to get things done will serve Central Florida well.”

Congressman Dave Weldon

Florida's 15th Congressional District, 1995 to 2009

Joe Lopez Endorsement Image

“It’s an honor for me to endorse Vennia Francois for Congress. Our community is facing many challenges with increases in violent crime and the ongoing issues with COVID-19. Vennia’s unwavering commitment to public safety and support for law enforcement is the kind of leadership we need in the federal government.

“She also understands that human trafficking is a problem in our community, and instead of ignoring it, she will find solutions to help eradicate it. I look forward to partnering with Vennia to keep our communities safe and to protect our high quality of life in Central Florida.”

Joe Lopez

Candidate, Orange County Sheriff

Nick Fouraker Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois will be a tireless advocate for Belle Isle in Congress. She knows and understands our community and is committed to representing all the people of District 10. I’m glad to endorse her and look forward to working with her.”

Nick Fouraker

Mayor, City of Belle Isle

Ralph Reed Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois will provide the principled, people-focused leadership Washington so desperately needs. A vote for Vennia is a vote for freedom, for effective government, and for the time-honored principles our nation was founded upon.”

Ralph Reed

Founder and Chair, Faith and Freedom Coalition

Richard Crotty Endorsement Image

“As someone with a tireless work ethic and deep commitment to her community, Vennia Francois is the perfect person to represent District 10 in Congress. She will be a very effective advocate for better education, increased access to quality healthcare, and expanded economic opportunities for everyone. I’m pleased to endorse her, and I urge District 10 voters to support her candidacy.”

Richard Crotty

Orange County Mayor, 2001 to 2011

Pastor Paula White Endorsement Image

“I have seen Vennia in action. Her faith and her family are her rock. She will stand up for Christian values and lead with integrity. I am proud to endorse her for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida’s 10th Congressional District.”

Pastor Paula White

White House Special Advisor to the Faith and Opportunity Initiative at the Office of Public Liaison

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Endorsement Image

“Vennia Francois is in this race because she cares about this country and she cares about her neighbors. When she says she puts people above politics, she means it. The residents of District 10 can be confident that she will represent their interests in Congress by always pursuing values-based, commonsense solutions that work.”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Larry Ruffin Endorsement Image

“Orlando’s business community needs the kind of strong leadership Vennia Francois will provide in Congress. Vennia will promote pro-growth policies that create local jobs and help business owners keep their doors open. I’m happy to endorse her, and I urge all District 10 voters to support her.”

Larry Ruffin

Former President, Florida Citrus Sports

Additional Endorsements by:

Conservative Ministers of Central Florida

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