Finding the right words for a moment like this is difficult. I feel shocked, sad, upset, and frustrated. George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis on Monday was unnecessary and unacceptable.

As Americans, more importantly as human beings, we should condemn all acts of hatred, intolerance, or violence. These actions have no place in our society, and those who are guilty should be brought to justice swiftly – whether they are law enforcement officers or perpetrators of violent demonstrations and looting.

There is a lot of work ahead for America to fulfill its destiny as an equal home for all people, a place where every person in this nation matters and is valued. I know America’s diversity gives us great strength, and I stand with all American communities who face unjust discrimination and violence.

This is a time for us to unite as a community, and I encourage everyone to come together and to drive out the hate with love.

We should strive to do better as a society. We should strive to honor the gentle and giant soul of George Floyd.