Vennia Francois was born, raised, and educated in Florida’s 10th Congressional District. She lives in and is registered in the district, and she is a proud member of this community.

In her career, she has had the opportunity to serve our country in several roles in Washington, D.C. She has had the honor to work with Florida Republican Congressman John Mica and Florida Republican Senators Mel Martinez and George LeMieux. She has also worked with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in the Enforcement Division, helping to protect the public from fraudulent and deceptive financial practices.

Vennia has also served as an advisor for a government affairs firm that was headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland. However, her work was all done from her office in Orlando. It is understandable and commonsense that Vennia’s name and the company headquarters’ address might be listed together on any number of forms used for business activity.

Vennia is proud of her career and her experience. She has shared her story freely with voters and believes it is her experience that will help her to be a leader from day one for the people of Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

For Vennia, this campaign is not about political games or partisan interests. This race is about jobs, families, and the American Dream.